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Vital (e)

For the last decade, Pauline Pisano has been involved with multiple projects in New York City as a front-person, keyboardist, and writing collaborator. Currently Pauline's gaze has moved towards her latest collaborative exposition, Vital(e), a project which seeks to examine and disseminate new ways of collective being through music and the cultural arts. The narratives within the project often discuss public health issues such as debt and climate change while exploring human behavior, its histories and its systems. Pauline works closely with collaborator and producer, Kerry Pompeo.

Pauline is an MSW Candidate at Silberman School of Social Work (CUNY) where she is currently working as a digital organizer for the Community Organizing Planning and Development method. She is a social work intern at The Institute for the Development of The Human Arts and a leader for the student Global Social Work Alliance (GSWA). Pauline is also a cultural arts organizer for The New York State Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, an organizer for Songs In The Key of Resistance (SKOR) hosted by The People's Forum, and a volunteer for the Domestic & Other Violent Emergencies (DOVE) Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital. 



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